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What is WAV?

WAV is an audio file format that was developed by Microsoft. It is so wide spread today that it is called a standard PC audio file format. A Wave file is identified by a file name extension of WAV (.wav). Used primarily in PCs, the Wave file format has been accepted as a viable interchange medium for other computer platforms, such as Macintosh. This allows content developers to freely move audio files between platforms for processing, for example.

The Wave file format stores information about the file's number of tracks (mono or stereo), sample rate, bit depth, as well as the uncompressed raw audio data.


  • Can be played by nearly all Windows applications that support sound
  • Fast decoding


  • Very large file size
Audio converter
  • WAV to AAC, WMA, MP3, APE
  • WAV to iPod, iPhone, iPad
  • WAV to any cell phone
  • Add music to Archos, PSD, xBox
convert audio
Total Audio Converter supports the following conversions with WAV format files:
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