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Total Audio Converter can export Opus files to WAV format, solving the problem of their incompatibility with common players. Opus is a quite young codec, and many programs do not support it. If you are used to WAV audio format, you can easily convert Opus to WAV with the help of Total Audio Converter. This tool has a lot of useful options that provide high-quality conversion of your Opus originals.

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When converting audio files, it is very important to save original quality. Opus provides excellent sounding, and you can save it by converting source tracks to WAV with max parameters:

Green Plus44100 or 48000 Hz samplerate

Green Plus16 Bit for bitrate

Green PlusStereo channels

You should admit that WAV copies with such parameters may be quite big in size. If you would like to keep your audio storage compace, choose the lower parameters. As Total Audio Converter is a batch processor, it can work with many files at once, converting them all with the same settings. This helps to make conversions quick and comfortable for users.

With the help of this program you can convert a specific part of the Opus track into WAV. For this you need to choose the source file, press 'WAV', go to the 'Part' tab and cut a fragment for conversion there. It is a useful feature for creating various sound effects for programs, presentations, etc.

Command line support is also available in Total Audio Converter. You can export Opus into WAV using a command with all required parameters. The command will enable converting tool and perform required data export. You don't need to launch the program manually in this case. To get more information about conversion via command line, go to the 'Help' menu of the program.

To make sure Total Audio Converter will correctly process your Opus files, you can test a 30-day free trial version. You will be able to see all its advantages in real action!

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