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Total Audio Converter X   

Server audio converter

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Total Audio Converter X (extended) is a must-have for anyone dealing with converting audio on web-servers. Audio Converter X has no gui, just the command line that provides high speed and efficient work on web-server. Active X is also available. Total Audio Converter X is unique - it supports most popular formats of audio.

  • MPEG Audio Layer format (MP3)
  • Real Audio format (RA, RMM, RAM, RAX, RPM, RM, RMVB)
  • WAVE audio format (WAV)
  • OGG file format (OGG)
  • Audio Tracks format (CDA)
  • Monkey's Audio format (APE, APL)
  • Musepack formats (MPP, MPC, MP+)
  • Windows Media Audio format (WMA)
  • Free Lossless Audio Codec format (FLAC)
  • Advanced audio coding (AAC)
  • MPEG-4 international standard (MP4)
Total Audio Converer X can convert any audio file to another size/type (i.e. WAV to MP3, or MP3 to OGG without creating an intermediary WAV file), convert channels (stereo to mono) or change bitrate or frequency. It is the fastest and most affordable audio file converter used from service currently on the market.

The program supports ID3 Tags and CUE files. It converts audio tracks on the fly. It doesn't need an intermediary WAV file.

High converting speed and batch conversions result in a simple and boredom-free process. Besides all this, Total Audio Converter X will play all files of selected media types for you when everything is done. Try it for free (30 days trial period, no limitations) and find out that it is really worth its money.

Example ASP:

dim C
Set C=CreateObject("AudioConverter.AudioConverterX")
C.Convert "c:\source.WAV", "c:\dest.MP3", "-cMP3"
Response.Write C.ErrorMessage
set C = nothing
Example PHP:
if (file_exists($dest)) unlink($dest);
$c= new COM("AudioConverter.AudioConverterX");
$c->convert($src,$dest, "-c mp3");
if (file_exists($dest)) echo "OK"; else echo "fail:".$c->ErrorMessage;
Note that ActiveX is 32-bit only. If you are trying to use activeX under 64-bit internet information server (IIS) activeX will not work. Use command line version instead.

Some of the currently supported file format conversions:

  • MP3 to MP3 (change bitrate or frequency)
  • MP3 to WAV
  • MP3 to OGG
  • MP3 to WMA
  • WAV to WAV (change bitrate or frequency)
  • WAV to MP3
  • WAV to OGG
  • WAV to WMA
  • RAX to MP3
  • RAX to WAV
  • RAX to OGG
Buy Total Audio Converter X NOW!
    FREE DOWNLOAD Total Audio Converter X    
(only $499.00)
Updated Wed, 17 Apr 2024




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Total Audio Converter X Preview1

Key Features

  • Converts almost all audio formats
  • Runs on Windows web-servers
  • Provides access via ActiveX interface for all legacy programming languages (Visual Basic 6 or Delphi) as well as scripting (i.e. VBscript).
  • Any language that supports Web Services including .NET (2.00, 3.5, 4.00), Ruby, PHP and Java is supported.
  • Changes bitrate or frequency
  • Converts many files in batches
  • Has a high quality 32 bit converter engine
  • Has integrated audio CD ripper
  • Command line
  • ActiveX is also available
  • Direct conversion without temporary files
  • Header tags editor (album, artist, etc.)
  • Built-in audio player
  • Vista compatible

Windows 8 Compatible
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