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What is TIFF?

TIFF is an abbreviation for Tagged Image File Format. It is a raster file format for digital images.

TIFF includes so called “tags” which either indicate the simple geometry of the image, like its size, or define how the data is arranged and various image compression options. This option allows to include all sorts of image formats in the file.

However, when TIFF was first introduced, programmers were not eager to invest the time to support all of the options. As a result the lowest common denominator soon became "the" TIFF, and even today the vast majority of TIFF files, and the code that reads them, are based on a simple 32-bit uncompressed image.

Nowadays TIFF has become the de facto standard graphics format for high color depth (32-bit) graphics and is widely used in image manipulation applications.

When you want to convert your TIFF images to JPEG, BMP, PNG, PCD in batch use Total Image Converter. It convert any number of TIFF files at one go. Besides, you may add logos or text, crop, resize and rotate youe images. Get your free copy now.

image converter
  • Crop, resize, rotate photos
  • Add any text or logo to images
convert image
Merge tiff files easily

Divide your tiff file by pages easily

Total Image Converter supports the following conversions with TIFF files:

  • TIFF to BMP
  • TIFF to ICO
  • TIFF to JPEG
  • TIFF to JPEG2000
  • TIFF to PNG
  • TIFF to GIF
  • TIFF to PCX
  • TIFF to TGA
  • TIFF to TIFF (resize, rotate, add watermarks)
  • TIFF to RAW
  • TIFF to PDF
  • TIFF to PS
  • TIFF to PCL
  • TIF to BMP
  • TIF to ICO
  • TIF to JPEG
  • TIF to JPEG2000
  • TIF to PNG
  • TIF to GIF
  • TIF to PCX
  • TIF to TGA
  • TIF to TIFF
  • TIF to RAW
  • TIF to PDF
  • TIF to PS
  • TIF to PCL
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