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Convert PST to MSG Files in Batch, Easy & Fast


While Microsoft Outlook data formats have been essential for managing email storage, many people are drifting away from the PST file format. It's mainly because of its size restrictions and the need to comfortably view data in a convenient and easy-to-view format, such as MSG format.

Converting PST to MSG allows users to easily import, export, and back up data stored in an MS Outlook account. What's more, CoolUtils's PST to MSG converter in the Total Outlook Converter has made batch conversion of PST to MSG easier than ever before.

Download it today and enjoy PST to MSG batch conversion without losing data.

An Efficient PST to MSG Converter

Total Outlook Converter offers an innovative software solution that effectively converts Outlook PST to MSG. It employs an intuitive approach to ensure that all the MAPI properties of your Outlook items remain intact.

Whether you have password-protected, corrupted, archived, or encrypted Outlook PST files, this tool will seamlessly export PST to MSG, ignore the empty ones, and apply the appropriate naming conventions while maintaining their original structure as converted MSG files.

Likewise, you don't have to worry about viewing your MSG files. Unlike Outlook's PST file format, which you can only view using Desktop Outlook for Windows, MSG files are widely recognized and can be viewed using Standard Windows Explorer.

Total Outlook Converter Specifications

Full Software NameCoolutils Outlook Converter
DescriptionTransform your Outlook data files into 12 different formats, including MSG, EML, DOC, and TXT. Our versatile tool works with single or multiple files. Enjoy high-quality conversions, add page numbers to your documents, and export individual folders with ease. Get started in a few clicks.
ProcessorAt least 2.4 GHz
Minimum Hard Drive Space193.2 MB
Operating SystemWindows
Trial versionDownload Outlook Converter and execute as many free conversions as you like for 30 days! Explore its functionality and transform your emails into popular and more shareable file formats, from MSG to DOC!

Easy PST to MSG Conversion

Wondering how easily bulk convert PST files to MSG? Several online tools promise to perform this task on your behalf within minutes. But are they really safe?

Your PST files carry important and confidential data, usually consisting of contacts, emails, journal entries, messages, tasks, meetings, notes, and appointments. Using an online service to convert PST to MSG means transferring all this data to an unknown server, where a third-party computer processes it to convert emails to resulting MSG files.

Our Total Outlook Converter will reduce the chances of your PST data file falling into the wrong hands and make the process super easy and highly customizable.

How to Convert PST to MSG

With our PST to MSG converter tool, the process is a breeze. Here is how to convert PST to MSG using CoolUtils' software:
  1. Download & install the software
    Download the Total Outlook Converter tool and run it on your computer.
    Outlook Converter
  2. Select the PST files to convert
    Open the PST to MSG conversion tool to see a prompt asking you to choose the Outlook PST file you want to convert.
    You can also scan for the PST file format automatically if you have Microsoft Outlook installed on your device. Note that you will have to export PST data files from Outlook beforehand.
    Finding files in Outlook
  3. Select the individual emails to convert
    On the screen's left side, your PST files will be displayed in a folder hierarchy format.
    Outlook Converter
    Click any of the items to preview them before converting PST files to MSG format.
  4. Set the conversion parameters
    Specify the parameters to convert PST file to MSG. Note that apart from a PST to MSG converter, Total Outlook Converter allows you to convert PST to DOC.
  5. Start the conversion
    Hit 'Start' to begin the conversion process. A pop-up window will alert you when your MSG file is ready. That's it!
    Initiate the conversion process


How to Batch Convert PST to MSG with CoolUtils Converter Tool

If you want to bulk convert PST to EML and other formats, CoolUtils' PST to MSG converter can do it in a few minutes. Here are the steps to follow for batch conversion of PST to MSG files:
  1. Launch the Total Outlook Converter tool and locate the folder where your PST files are found. Choose multiple Outlook PST files or select the 'Check All' button to convert the entire PST file folder.

    Selecting multiple PST files to convert
  2. Proceed to select your preferred MSG conversion settings, including file format, destination, field, naming specifications, etc.
    Conversion parameters in Total Outlook Converter
    Total Outlook Converter also allows you to include attachments within your conversions through the attachments tab. Simply select whether you want the attachments, zipped or unzipped, or with or without images in their original form or resized.
    Conversion settings in Total Outlook Converter
  3. Click 'Start' to initiate the process.

5 Reasons to Use Our PST to MSG Offline Converter

Now, let's look at some reasons why you should use CoolUtils Total Outlook Converter to export PST to MSG instead of popular online services:
  1. Guaranteed secure conversion of PST to MSG: You don't have to transfer your personal data to unknown servers.
  2. No data loss: Total Outlook Converter offline tool ensures that the MSG files retain the original look of the Outlook files, from the content to the attachments.
  3. Optimum compatibility: The PST file format can only be viewed using the MS Outlook tool. However, the MSG file format is widely recognized and is viewable via the Standard Windows Explorer.
  4. 30-day free trial: There's a free trial period to explore all its features without prior commitment. It's valid for 30 days.
  5. Maximum convenience, regardless of the time zones: Our offline PST to MSG converter can monitor and organize email messages from different time zones correctly by applying the UTC format.


What is PST?

A Personal Storage Table (PST) file is Microsoft Outlook's default way of saving user data, including contacts, messages, email messages, appointments, journal entries, notes, tasks, and meetings. It assists users in keeping track of different aspects of their lives while providing a reliable, secure, and offline solution for data storage.

What is MSG?

MSG refers to an MS Outlook message file that contains all parts of one Outlook file in one folder. It facilitates easy export, import, and backup of Outlook files outside of Microsoft Outlook. Like a PST file, this file format can store messages, appointments, contacts, journal entries, notes, tasks, and other Outlook items.

What is the difference between .PST and .MSG files?

The main difference between PST and MSG files is that the latter saves Outlook data individually, while the PST file format stores full folder information, like contacts, notes, appointments, journal entries, etc., or an entire mailbox.

For example, an email saved in the MSG file format features an email's body content and its attachments for each email item in a single folder. When it comes to the PST file format, it consists of the item types, folder structure, and other settings related to your entire folder or mailbox.

Can you import multiple PST files?

If you want to batch convert PST to MSG, you need to perform the same steps as in converting an individual file from .pst to .msg.

Simply run the MSG converter software tool, click the 'check all' button when picking files, or select multiple files you want to convert. The tool also allows converting an entire PST folder to MSG. After setting the parameters, click 'Start' and watch as you batch convert .pst to .msg files in minutes.

All-in-One Solution for Any Outlook-Related Conversion Processes

Are you looking for a fast and easy way to convert from the PST file format to MSG format? If so, download CoolUtils' all-in-one Total Outlook Converter today!

This powerful PST to MSG converter lets you convert Outlook PST files to MSG, EML, PDF, HTML, and more with just a few clicks. You can also batch-convert PST files, customize your output settings, and preview your results before saving. Don't miss this opportunity to get the best PST to MSG converter on the market. Start your free trial and see the difference it makes.


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Updated Fri, 03 May 2024

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