Total Audio Converter – new interface. Discuss:)

TACWe are currently developing the new interface of Total Audio Converter. And we wanted to discuss with you the first sketches.

Many of our users use Windows Explorer. So Total Audio Converter should be more compatible with it. Now it has the feel and look of Explorer file tree and common options. Besides, we wanted to care about iTunes fans. So now you can take the files that you want to convert from iTunes or iPods and later automatically save the newly converted files back to iTunes.

We thought it a good idea to divide the interface into 2 parts (“face” and “back”). In the “face” you select files for the conversion. Note you can select files from your hard drive as well as from CDs, iPods, Zunes, or dictaphones. Sure drag and drop from the desktop will work too. New – you can select tracks from different folders.

After you created the list of files for conversion you select the target formats in the right. After that press Convert button and the process starts. New – TAC predicts the size of the output file.


After the files are converted you see the “back”. Here you select where to put the newly converted files. As you see the list of options is wide enough. You may save files to one folder keeping (or not) the structure. Alternatively, you may write the files to a CD with your standard burning app. Or send the files in attachment of an email. Or send them via bluetooth to your cell phone. Or save them to your iTunes library to copy to your iPod afterwards.


How it works: Imagine you are going on a vacation and want to fit as much music into your mp3 player as possible. You select the songs from different folders and create one big list of files that you want to take with you. Then TAC helps you to convert them to the format you need. In case you do not like the result (i.e. the quality is too low and you want the higher bitrate) press Reconvert button. When you are satisfied TAC helps you to upload the converted songs directly to your player.

So it’s just an idea. What do you think?

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25 comments December 28th, 2008



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