Excel 2003 XML files conversion available

xml 2003Excellent news for Microsoft Excel 2003 users: our considerate team has updated Total Excel Converter. Now it supports Excel 2003 XML files. Though XML files produced by Excel 2003 are not often used, we decided to add them to the supported input formats (previously there were Excel, Excel 2007, XLSM and OpenOffice formats and others).

So the search of a program that can convert Excel 2003 files to a more popular file type is not the problem anymore. You can try it for free, make Doc and DocX, PDF, HTML, Access, TXT, ODT, ODS, XML, SQL, CSV, Lotus, DBF, TEX, DIFF, SYLK, LaTeX from your 2003 Excel file or files. By the way, Total Excel Converter offers batch conversion option to create many files a time. And be sure that Total Excel Converter strictly preserves document layout. You get the exact copy of the source file but in a new format.

Very useful option is that Total Excel Converter can create PDF out of your Excel 2003 XML files and even combine several XML into one multi-page PDF file. Output PDF files can be protected with a digital signature if needed.

Those who are in need of Excel 2003 converter, but don’t know how to convert these files, now can breath easily with this unique XML files converter – Total Excel Converter which is available to download. And as usually: if you bought Total Excel Converter less than a year ago you can get your free upgrade, if you bought it earlier then enjoy our special offer of 70% discount. More about how to upgrade can be found at http://www.coolutils.com/SupportPolicy.php

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OpenOffice ODS to Microsoft XLS

ODS converterBoth OpenOffice.org and Microsoft spreadsheet tools are very popular today. Price lists, catalogues, item sheets are mode either in ODS or XLS format. The problem comes when you need to transfer data from ODS to XLS. In spite of the fact they both formats have much in common you can’t view .ods documents in Excel. You need a good ods to xls converter.

Per your requests we have enhanced the functionality of Total Excel Converter. The new version can convert ODS to XLS as well as it convert xls to other formats (PDF, TIFF, HTML, DOC, TXT). Now you may easily make any ODS spreadsheet compatible with Microsoft Excel software.

To convert ODS file to Excel launch Total Excel Converter, select the folder with ODS file and check the file. Then press XLS button in the formats panel. Then the wizard will ask you several questions about the settings (like destination folder, the new file name, etc.). You may skip them all if you like. The program will set the necessary settings itself. By default the converted file will be placed in the source directory. Press Start button to see the new .xls file!

As usual the new version of Total Excel Converter is free to registered users. So if you have already a registered copy of Total Excel Converter just hit Download button. The new version will automatically get registered. New users are most welcome to download the latest version as well;)

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Convert Excel Sheets into One TXT File

xls to txtWhen you need to convert XLS sheets into a text file you easily find hundreds of solutions. But not all of them are worth your time and money. Let’s leave alone the crap programs that do not convert XLS files properly. Some good programs from serious developers are still limited in options you may need.

For example some excel converters do not allow creating a comma delimited file (with .csv). Others create a new txt file for every xls file. What if I want to convert all my Excel sheets to one TXT file?

Then Total Excel Converter is your choice. It is the most powerful solution with flexible settings. It may convert several xls files into just one combined txt file. You may as well select the text delimiter (none, tab, space, csv). All done in few clicks – see the screenshot.


Total Excel Converter converts any number of XLS files to TXT. When you convert several folders it will keep your file in order preserving the original folder structure. The program is good for both advanced users and beginners thanks to the built-in wizard. All the settings are made step-by-step with lots of hints. Advanced users can convert Excel sheets into txt files via command line.

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5 comments July 20th, 2009

Excel To CSV with Quotes – Possible!

ExcelConverter “Hi, I like the excel converter tool, but our project requires the csv files to have all fields enclosed in quotes. Is there anyway I can get the tool to enclose all csv field in quotes? Thanks so much for your help!”

We got that request from Christine last week. We are eager to provide our customers with the best solutions customized for their particular needs. So we implemented the option to get the scv fields in quotes.

Then we thought that more people can find that option useful. If you convert xls to csv you might need that too. To get all csv fields in quotes please set CSV as delimiter as shown in the wizard:


Now Total Excel Converter has become even more powerful. Download your copy right now. As usual registered users get the new version for free.

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