New Email Converter Support for Visio & MS Project Attachments

visio attachments in emailsHere at CoolUtils we’re always looking for new ways to improve old apps. One way that we’re able to accomplish this is through meaningful user feedback. Sometimes, users contact us with a suggestion that we add support for something specific. Although we may not act on every request, we’re always quick to respond when adding support for new features will be of benefit for our users.

Recently we added attachment support for Visio and MS Project to our whole lineup of email converters; both regular and pro! Whether you use Total Mail Converter, Thunderbird Converter, Outlook Converter Pro or any of our other award-winning email conversion apps, you’ll now have access to this new functionality. Registered users: download a fresh copy of your favorite CoolUtils email converter to make sure that you have the newest version.

As you know, each of our email converters comes loaded with options that help you get the most out of your conversion projects. Over the years, our philosophy of continuous development has led us to add some pretty cool features (many of which came by way of user request). Because our team size is small, we have the freedom to focus on innovation and the flexibility to make changes quickly. Often, we’ll be the first to add support for a given feature.

If you’re a member of the CoolUtils user community and have an idea on how we can improve our converters, let us know! We value being able to provide you with the very best user experience coupled with the latest features, and your feedback helps us to plan ahead. You never know, this week’s request might just become next month’s reality!

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Convert Emails With Travel Itinerary To Pdf

email itinerary to pdfToday we most often buy tickets online. It’s a fast and easy process. However, sometimes you get emails with your travel itinerary as.. an email! What if you want to place it to a special folder along with other travel related files? I personally prefer PDF copies rather than MSG or EML files.

I am using The Bat! as my primary email client. It does not allow exporting emails as PDF files. As far as I know Outlook does not export emails as PDF files either. Luckly I have Total Mail Converter. I move all the emails with travel info to my folder. Then launch Total Mail Converter and convert emails to PDF. Consider adding a new descriptive name as normally you will get smth like 0000012.msg which becomes a 0000012.pdf. In Total Mail Converter you may enter your own name for the output PDFs. Something like London2ParisOct26.pdf is far easier to deal with.

mail to pdf travel itinerary

After I get all my travel info as PDF files I upload them to my Dropbox. Now they are safely stored and I can access them anywhere in the world via my laptop/smartphone.

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Convert Large Emails To PDF, DOC, TXT, HTML

convert large emailsRemember the times when emails were just few kb? They are over now. Today you can get a 100Mb email with huge attachments. When you try to convert such emails to other file types for archiving or migration, most programs freeze or show Out Of Memory error. We have released a new version on Total Mail Converter with an improved algorythm that can process large emails.

Use Total Mail Converter to convert large emails and emails with attached images. The program can include attached images into final document. Moreover, it offers fitting large images to page! So Total Mail Converter can easily process both large email and large images as attached files.

convert large emails

The new version is available at the program’s home page

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4 comments February 15th, 2013

Convert Emails And Show Time In UTC Format

mail converterTotal Mail Converter converts emails to different formats. Often you do not want to include all the information from the email to the output document. The program allows selecting certain fields that you want to convert. For example, you may select Sender, Recipient, Date, Subject, Body, or CC. Now if you check Date the program can automatically show UTC time.

As UTC is the time system created to to avoid confusion about time zones and daylight saving time. For many businesses with branches in different countries it is important to use UTC time. So the new version of Total Mail Converter allows you doing that.

Convert Emails

To get the copy of the Total Movie Converter please follow this link. If you already have a license just install the new version above the old one and it will be automatically registered. New users are welcome to get the key for $49.90 at our e-shop.

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3 comments March 11th, 2010

Convert MSG with Attachments

Convert emailsMany people worldwide use Total Mail Converter to convert msg files to doc, html, pdf. It’s a great chance to save emails in the format you want and empty inbox folder. You can open email in Word or other text editors later. But what if your emails have important attachments? The new version of Total Mail Converter solves the problem!

There are several ways for you to deal with attachments if you use Total Mail Converter. First, you can save attachments as they are in the same or a new folder.

If you have images attached to the emails you can include them into the converted documents. This way you get an email converted to PDF with the attached images inserted into the PDF file.

Besides, Total Mail Converter can convert attached documents into the target format of your email. For example, if you convert MSG to TXT, attachments will also be converted into TXT.

convert Email attachments

Now you have plenty of options to deal with attached files. Download Total Mail Converter now to convert emails with attachments in the most comfortable way! (registered users get new version for free).

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3 comments November 19th, 2009

No Internet Access Converting Emails

email converterBy numerous requests we have added a new option to Total Mail Converter. Now you can forbid the program to follow image links. To know the advantages of this option please read further.

Too often we get emails with images. Sometimes images are attached and sometimes they are just links to the web. The latter ones are dangerous: the program accesses some unknown site to get the image and god knows what else it can get as well. Besides, it takes some time for the images to be loaded. To avoid that and save your time use the new option in Total Mail Converter.

mail converter

When checking the fields remember to check Do not access internet for images option. So when converting your emails to PDF, TXT, Word or other formats the program will not follow image links. Registered user upgrades for free.

Download Total Mail Converter to convert .msg to pdf, word, txt, html.

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Convert MSG – update for Exchange

ConvertMSG An important update of Total Mail Converter is available. Now it deals with emails from Microsoft Exchange far better. Now you may archive your business correspondence in the most comfortable way.

The old version of Total Mail Converter was designed to convert Outlook emails only. So it gave only the sender’s name in the output if one used Microsoft Exchange. Luckily our customers reported the problem and we have fixed that. Now Total Mail Converter extracts actual sender’s email as well.

The new version of Total Mail Converter can be downloaded here. All registered users get it for free. The new ones may purchase the key here. Use Total Mail Converter to convert MSG to PDF, HTML, TXT, RTF, DOC.

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