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Coolutils Outlook Plugin

Powerful Save EMail As TIFF Add-in For Microsoft Outlook

New Coolutils Outlook Plugin includes an Outlook to TIFF converter that integrates with the e-mail client's interface, so you can single or batch save Outlook emails as TIFF images that are small and convenient. It's a great solution for email archiving, migration or any legal need.

TIFFs are some of the most widely used file types for sending images across the Internet. Due to the lossless compression TIFF file have respectable quality and are compatible with most image viewing types. Of course, the the larger file would be of higher quality and contain more elements, but our Outlook plug-in grants you the option of choosing whichever fits your need.

Coolutils Outlook Plugin intergates into your email app and you get a new Convert to TIFF button. Select the email and press that button to start the conversion.

  • With the simple wizard that is used for all conversions, you can choose the level of compression for converted Outlook e-mails according to dots-per-inch (DPI). This grants effective control over the output size of the file. You can enter the DPI manually to meet your specifications, or choose from a list of predetermined formats, which includes:
    • Uncompressed (no change from the original file size)
    • Limpel-Ziv-Welch (LZW) compression
    • Run-length encoding (RLE) compression, using PackBits
    • JPEG Compression
    • Bilevel Huffman compression (CCItt1D)
    • Bilevel Group 3 CCITT, monodimensional (G3FAX1D)
    • Bilevel Group 3 CCITT, bidimensional (G3FAX2D)
    • Bilevel Group 4 CCITT, bidimensional (G4FAX)
  • The wizard grants control over many more adjustments to the output of the TIFF files, such as the headers and footers, the font size and type, the aesthetic appearance, and how to handle attachments.

The result is a collection of archived Outlook e-mails that are more organized and readable than Outlook itself, in a compressed TIFF that won't clog your hard drive.

Coolutils Outlook Plugin works fine with Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016.


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