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Total Outlook Converter

Convert PST to MBox

Having to convert PST to MBox is a relatively common task if you are looking, for example, to move user data from a Windows to Unix environment. And, as with any data migration, nobody wants to be faced with trying to manually process things when you could be dealing with tens of thousands of files.

Convert PST to MBox

If you need to migrate PST to MBox, you are going to be much better off using a dedicated tool to take care of most of the heavy lifting. Our Total Outlook Converter is famous for its ability to convert email to non-email formats but it is also an excellent migration tool if you need to export PST to MBox format.

Along with the extra power Total Outlook Converter brings to your migration workflow, it is also packed full of generally useful features such as the following:

  • A huge range of output formats in addition to MBox are supported. DOC, PDF, HTML, TXT and many more are also available to you.
  • Take advantage of several strategies for handling email attachments directly from the tool.
  • Seamlessly synchronize emails from disparate time zones.
  • Add headers and footers to output files.

Total Outlook Converter really comes into its own when you are processing files in bulk and, of course, it is a rare day that you will need to process emails individually. The software is also fully compatible with Windows 10 so you can put it to use on even the latest machines.

There is also an additional ActiveX-enabled server version of the software available for those looking to integrate the power of Total Outlook Converter in their own software.

We have designed Total Outlook Converter with a range of users in mind. The more technically minded will appreciate the ability to call the software directly via the command line. The average user, meanwhile, will be perfectly at home with the software's intuitive GUI which comes with a series of helpful wizards to walk you through common tasks.

We have been putting together market-leading conversion solutions for happy customers around the world for over a decade and are proud to stand behind every product we sell.

Take Total Outlook Converter for a spin today on us by downloading a free 30-day trial version of the software and start getting your inboxes in check!

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

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Latest News

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  • After the update, our converters use a new data encryption standard: AES 128 and 256 bits.
  • The updated Total PDF Converter has improved / accelerated work with large files of 10,000 or more pages.
  • New Total Doc Converter is now able to view GB files normally.
  • The updated Total Audio Converter supports OGX.
  • In updated PDF Splitter was significantly improved the accuracy of bar code recognition.

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