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Convert DWG to PDF For Easy Sharing


Today many professionals use AutoCAD to create drawings. The problem is that DWG files are usually hard to share. They require expensive AutoCAD to be opened. So converting DWG to sharable PDF makes sense. Besides, PDF files are less in size and can be emailed.

Total CAD Converter will convert DWG to PDF with ease. You select the file and press convert to PDF button. The wizard guides you through the settings and in few minutes you are done. The benefits of using Total CAD Converter are:

  • Batch mode
  • You can convert one DWG file or 100+ of them in few clicks. Total CAD Converter will keep folder structure if you need to convert several folders with DWG files. The program can convert several DWG files into one PDF document if you like.

  • Resize Option
  • Total CAD Converter allows you resizing DWG files during conversion. You set width or height and check Constrain Proportions checkbox. The other parameter is set automatically.

  • Compression
  • Total CAD Converter supports several compression filters for PDF files. You select the one from the list or leave your file uncompressed.

  • Paper size & Orientation
  • With Total CAD Converter you may convert DWG files to specific paper size and change the orientation (landscape or portrait).

  • Properties
  • Sure you can add Adobe PDF document properties to your file. All that is done during conversion. If you convert 100+ DWG files you make all the setting only once. Besides, they are automatically remembered by the program and next time you may use them without any further editing.

Total CAD Converter does not require any special knowledge, it's very easy-to-use. Each step is full of tips and explanations. You can download the free trial version now and test it yourself.


Customer Reviews

i.A. Hubert Neubrand Uhlmann Pac-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG www.uhlmann.de

"The Total CAD Converter works very well, we are fully satisfied and there are no wishes left. Best regards."

Dennis Braithwaite Daimler Trucks North America

"Most of the graphics is good enough for review. Overall, Total CAD Converter is very useful for me to share the CGM to PDF conversions internally with my design team."


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Updated Mon, 07 Aug 2023

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