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Why Use Total PDF Converter to Convert PDF to TIFF?

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If you need to convert your PDF file (or files) into a multipage TIFF file or into several one-pade TIFF files, Total PDF Converter by CoolUtils is the option to choose. Relatively cheap and extremely easy to use, it will also provide the following benefits:
  • you can choose an Image Resolution that suits you best by simply selecting one of the most frequently used TIFF file resolutions of 75, 150 or 300, or setting a custom image resolution;
  • Total PDF Converter supports all levels of LZW compression (for more information, see Tiff Paging);
  • you can create a multipage TIFF file or several one-page files, by storing each original PDF page in a separate file.

Besides, if you purchase Total PDF Converter, you get much more than a program that can convert PDF to TIFF. It supports multiple graphic file formats, and converts PDF files into BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG and other popular image formats. It also converts PDF to Word, Excel, HTML, TXT and CSV, all for $39.90.

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Buy Total PDF Converter NOW!
(only $39.90)
   Updated Thu, 08 Jul 2021

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