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When it comes to document formats, PDF is one of the most popular. PDFs are great because they can be opened on any device and they maintain their formatting no matter where they're viewed. But what if you need to edit a PDF? That's where PDFa comes in.

PDFa is a format that's specifically designed for archival purposes. It's very similar to PDF, but it includes some additional features that make it ideal for long-term storage. For example, PDFa files are more likely to be compatible with future software releases than traditional PDF files.

Convert PDFa to PDF step by step

If you need to convert a PDF to PDFa, CoolUtils offers a fast and easy way to do it. Our PDF converter can take your PDF file and convert it to PDFa in just a few seconds. Plus, our software is very user-friendly, so you don't need to be a tech expert to use it.

Ready to convert your PDFs to PDFa? Here's how:

  • Step one: Download CoolUtils PDF converter from our website.
  • Step two: Install the software on your computer.
  • Step three: Launch the program and add your PDF files. You can do this by clicking "Add Files" or simply dragging and dropping them into the interface.

download XPS converter

  • Convert PDF to PDF/A;
  • Add page counters, dates, headers and footers;
  • Add bates stamping and legal notes;
  • Create password protected PDF or PDF/A documents or add a digital signature;
  • Protect your documents with a text watermark in the headers or footers, such as company name, copyright info and even QR codes;
  • Use fit-to-page setting to correct formatting issues to ensure each input file fits properly in the output PDF;
  • Give the output document/s new descriptive names.
That's it! In just a few clicks, you can convert any PDF document into a PDFa file. So why wait? Try CoolUtils PDF converter today!


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Updated Wed, 31 Jan 2024

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