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Convert DXF to PLT

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dxf plt converter

dxf plt converter

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If you need to prepare your DXF files for printing on plotter, it is better to convert DXF to PLT, a format supported by plotters. If you try to print DXF file in its unchanged form, different printing errors may occur. Total CAD Converter offers correct and quick exporting of DXF into PLT images for flawless printing.

This software is developed for adjusting CAD drawings for various needs like printing or sharing in compact form. PLT format is developed special for correct printing. Total CAD Converter not only creates DXF file copies, it also allows adjusting the output format to make it look as you require. For instance, you can do the following:

  • Set specific color scheme for the output copies
  • Rotate drawings to make them properly oriented on paper
  • Change the image size if you want to print them on paper of another size

All these settings are available in the wizard that pops up after you choose the target format. To enable DXF PLT converter, just press PLT button in the top format bar. The program supports a lot of formats for conversion, so you can choose any other from the offered list.

convert dxf to plt in batch

Other useful feature of Total CAD Converter is its ability to convert DXF to PDF in batch for reducing your time on multiple conversions. With its help converting hundred of DXF drawings will require from you only a few clicks. Just checkmark all sources from the file list and convert them as one. If your source files are located in different folders, relocate them to one, as Total CAD Converter can convert files located only in one catalogue. You can choose the whole file folders as sources for conversion too. In this case all drawings located in the chosen folders will be converted.

Download Total CAD Converter and get your drawing copies in PLT formats with ease!

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