Split PDF By Odd/Even Pages

Some printers are not adjusted for printing PDF files in duplex mode and user experiences problems when trying to do this manually – by printing each page separately and then turning the paper list over in order to print the next page on the opposite side. It is far more convenient to extract odd/even pages • Read More »

Delete Blank Pages And Add Page Numbers Or Date

Many offices work with TIFF and PDF files every day. The routine include deleting blank pages from the files as well as enumerating all pages. Most people have to waste a lot of time on that. Luckily the new Tiff Pdf Cleaner does deleting and enumerating of Tiff and PDF files at one go.

Convert Video To PSP

PSP is one of the most popular game consoles today (over 42 mil pieces sold). Like all modern devices it can not only play games but also play video files. Why not use your PSP as a video player? The hard part is to upload the video to the PSP. Unless it is in the • Read More »

How To Convert Video To iPad?

Got your new shiny iPad? Congratulations! Now you face the problem of uploading video files to it. Sure if all of your video is in MP4 format with the right resolution then it’s not a problem. But if you have a large collection of different video files in various video formats, that’s gonna be hard.

Combine PDF & Add Headers

Do you create e-books? Or combine PDF files for your office needs? What ever you do with PDF documents new PDF Combine will help you. All the more so as it has new feature of adding headers and footers to the PDF pages of the combined file.

Convert Video To Cell Phone

Want to share your video with your friends via cell phone? Total Movie Converter will help you to convert any video to the file type your cell phone accepts. You do not have to look for settings or read phone’s manuals. Total Movie Converter already knows all the parameters and will suggest you the best • Read More »

Report Blank Pages

Do you know how many pages in your multi-page PDF files are in fact blank? No, but who cares of blank pages, you may ask. Many of us do. In case you deal with official papers blank pages can spoil everything.

Convert Video From YouTube, Vimeo, Sevenload

Like some video on YouTube or Vimeo or Sevenload? Sure you can download it to your hard drive with different applications. But then you will have to convert it to the video format you need. Why waste time? New Total Movie Converter converts videos directly from video sharing services like YouTube, Vimeo or Sevenload.

Delete Blank Pages Automatically

We have added a new option to Total Folder Monitor. By your requests, we have implemented Tiff Pdf Cleaner’s functionality into Total Folder Monitor. Now the program can automatically delete blank pages from the files in the predefined folder.

Convert Emails And Show Time In UTC Format

Total Mail Converter converts emails to different formats. Often you do not want to include all the information from the email to the output document. The program allows selecting certain fields that you want to convert. For example, you may select Sender, Recipient, Date, Subject, Body, or CC. Now if you check Date the program • Read More »