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What is MOD?

A group of digital music file types produced by a variety of software applications (trackers). Mod files include sequencing information and waveform samples, and may be compared to XMF files. It is more a music than a sound format. Files of MOD formmat store digitized instruments and contain a musical score which produces a lengthy composition with a very small amount of data.

There have been various extensions to this format, but SoundApp only supports a subset using two different drivers. Among them are Amiga SoundTracker, NoiseTracker, Protracker, Amiga StarTracker (4- and 8-track), Oktalyzer (4-8 tracks), Amiga MED/OctaMED (4-16 tracks, MMD0/1/2 formats), IBM FastTracker (4-, 6- and 8-track), IBM TakeTracker (1-32 tracks). Using the ZSS driver, SoundApp also supports S3M (ScreamTracker 3), MTM (Multitracker) and IT (Impulse Tracker). Playback of XM or 669 files is not currently supported by either driver. To play MOD files on modern audio players you have to convert them to more widespread formats (MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC). Get Total Audio Converter to do the job. It converts all MOD files via easy-to-follow interface or command line.

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  • MOD to iPod, iPhone, iPad
  • MOD to any cell phone
convert audio
Total Audio Converter supports the following conversions with MOD format files:
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