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What is Real Audio?

Real Audio is an audio format. It was first introduced by RealNetworks in 1995, the current version being Real Audio 10. Files of this format usually have the extensions of RA, RAX, RM or RAM.

Real Audio is often used as a streaming audio format (can be played at the same time as it's downloaded) due to its ability to conform to low bandwidths. This makes Real Audio a common format for many internet radio stations

Real Audio files are played with RealNetworks' RealPlayer. To save an audio stream to a file MPlayer and StreamBox VCR (both free) can be used. Some people use free Real Alternative or JetAudio to play Real Audio files, but they require an additional, free plugin to play them.

That is the reason many users convert RAX/RA files to other more popular audio formats like MP3, AAC, WAV, WMA. A good audio converter will keep the highest quality of audio. Total Audio Converter is the one. Use it to convert .ra files and enjoy your music anywhere.

Audio converter
  • RM and RAX to iPod, iPhone, iPad
  • MP3 to any cell phone
  • Add music to Archos, PSD, xBox
convert audio
Total Audio Converter supports the following conversions with Real Audio format files:
  • RA to MP3
  • RA to WMA
  • RA to WAV
  • RA to OGG
  • RA to FLAC
  • RA to AAC
  • RA to MP4
  • RA to MPC
  • RA to APE
  • RAM to MP3
  • RAM to WMA
  • RAM to WAV
  • RAM to OGG
  • RAM to FLAC
  • RAM to AAC
  • RAM to MP4
  • RAM to MPC
  • RAM to APE
  • RM to MP3
  • RM to WMA
  • RM to WAV
  • RM to OGG
  • RM to FLAC
  • RM to AAC
  • RM to MP4
  • RM to MPC
  • RM to APE
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