No Blank Pages

blank pages from PDFBlank pages are a nuisance when you deal with multi-page TIFF or PDF files. They contain no data but cause the wrong page count. Besides they take the space, which is essential when you have thousands of files. Tiff Pdf Cleaner easily detects and deletes blank pages from files. But it can do a lot more!
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TIFF Split by Blank Pages

delete blank apges from tiffWhen you scan different papers and save them together into one multipage Tiff, you get a huge file with blank pages between documents. You can have this Tiff split by blank pages (each document saved in separate file). It will be much simpler to view and edit information in such a way. TiffPdfCleaner can do this within one click. There is no need in complex image editors, making a new file for each document manually, etc. Just check off the proper option and that’s all!

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New Option In Total CAD Converter

crop cad filesWe always ask our customers what other options they need in our converters. This week we got an email from Raymond Sbrusch:
“I wish the tool would crop white space around the image. For example, some of the images were converted into JPG dimensions of 20000×2500 pixels. The actual floor plan was only 2500×2500 pixels. The rest of the image was just blank. I had to run the images through Photoshop’s crop and straighten tool to complete the conversion. Thanks for asking!”
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How To Merge RTF files To Multi-page PDF

combine rtf to pdfRTF is a common text file format that supports “rich text.” Typically, files saved in this format contain text formatting, custom tab settings and even images saved within the text file. In a sense, RTF files are very similar to Doc and DocX files, meaning they are really widespread among users and yet not as secure as PDFs are. If you want to make your RTF files as secure as it could be, consider converting them and merging RTF to PDF.
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Convert Video and Add To iTunes

convert video for itunesApple devices have become very popular lately. iPhones and iPads have replaced notebooks and cell phones since they are way more functional. With these devices, you can take pictures, shoot videos,play games and do much more.
However, if you want to watch a movie on your iPhone or iPad, you should remember that these devices do not support standard computer-based video formats. To upload a video onto your iPhone or iPad and then watch it, you need to convert the file into MP4.
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DOC to RTF Via Command Line

doc to rtfIf you need to convert DOC files into RTF because you can hardly process Word files without Microsoft Office, you should try Total DOC ConverterX. Having been developed by CoolUtils, software development company with extensive experience in design of conversion software, this converter is perfectly suited for professional users who need to convert files on Windows web-servers.
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