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How to convert PRN to DOC


Although PRN files are great for some purposes, they are less convenient to use for ordinary purposes than DOC and other MS Office files. Since DOC (Word) appears to be the most popular, available and versatile tool for creating and editing written documents, PRN files are best converted to DOC. There is hardly a faster or more powerful PRN-DOC converter than Total PDF Converter. It supports a variety of formats, including PRN and DOC, and conversion process takes but a tiny bit of time.

This program has several new options and functions, which have sped up its work and productivity:

  • Batch mode permits you to convert a handful of PRN files to DOC in a matter of minutes.
  • Command line support permits you to convert files from within other utilities without closing them.
  • Total PDF Converter integrates into Windows, so you can launch it via the right-button popup menu.
  • he program features a user friendly wizard that steers you the right way and gives you a selection of quality parameters.

All this makes Total PDF Converter quite a thing to look for. It is good for both professionals and beginner users. The program has a robust interface with all function readily visible and every following action foreseeable.

The wizard has numerous conversion and compression options, which define the quality of your target document. It may take several sessions for you to understand how these options work. However, if you are not sure about these parameters, you can leave the default settings, which are acceptable for most users. In any event, if you are not fully satisfied with the result, you can retry the whole thing any time and check for quality.

Converting is a standard procedure. Launch the interface, select the folder with PRN files and choose the files to be converted to DOC by checking them. If you want a few files converted, check them manually. If you would like to batch-convert, click 'Check All'. The program will check all the files in the chosen folder automatically. Now, the only thing left to do is select DOC in the format bar (or Format menu) and adjust conversion settings offered by the wizard. Make sure you have specified the destination folder, so that you will find your converted files easily. When the settings are chosen, click 'Start'.

Total PDF Converter is always there. You can either take this description on trust or download the free trial version and use it for 30 days.


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Updated Wed, 31 Jan 2024

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