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PDF export is not as widespread as import to PDF. This feature always is missing in major text editors and viewers. That is why it is hard to extract tables from PDF to XLS. If your software doesn't provide such kind of data export, you can develop your application using a handy PDF to CSV SDK. Total PDF ConverterX will help you do it.

It is a fully functional converter for a web server that features all facilities of desktop Total PDF Converter. As for converting PDF to CSV no GUI is provided, all conversions are requested via command line. It works for all users of local network, if it is installed on your local server. It can be used as a web app, servicing users via internet.

Being without UI, Total PDF ConverterX can be enriched with graphic interface for better user experience. Being a converting library, this script can be integrated into any existing code. You can check code examples for PDF to CSV C# converter to see how easily it is integrated into the app. In such a way you can use Total PDF ConverterX in a few ways:

Green PlusAs a server converter ready for use

Green PlusAs SDK for developing your own server and desktop apps

Green PlusAs a part of another application

In the first variant users will need various convert PDF to CSV command line parameters to setup conversion mode properly. If not to define any settings, users will get copies of PDF originals converted into CSV format. With the help of settings you can specify formatting for CSV files and define conversion type. This can be a conversion of all PDF source files into one CSV file or each source to separate file.

Download this PDF CSV server converter and use it in any way you need. This is the most flexible converting tool for PDF files offered on the market!

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