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free online mail to doc converter

Emails are usually converted for storing their content locally. In native format (EML, MSG) they are not suitable for reading or editing, as the information is coded. You can extract this data to DOC format for a more convenient use. And you can do this for free using free email DOC converter offered by CoolUtils. It provides basic conversion without any add-ons, so it is very quick way to extract your email texts!

The service is a server script that works remotely - you upload source email to a server, select DOC as conversion format and wait a few seconds till it converts your file. Source emails must be either EML or MSG file, and you can upload only one file at a time. This is a process step by step:

Green PlusOpen the free online mail converter in your browser

Green PlusBrowse for MSG or EML email file

Green PlusUpload it on server

Green PlusChoose DOC as the format for conversion

Green PlusEdit the header and footer if you wish

Green PlusPress the DOWNLOAD CONVERTED FILE button and save result copy.

DOC copy will contain the data from all fields of original email. Then you can delete unneeded part like recipient, sender, subject info, leaving only the essential data. DOC format is supported by almost all text editors, you will have no problems with using such files. You can use this service for converting emails to DOC as long as you need - it is fully freeware. If many files need to be processed, convert them one by one, as no batch conversion is provided.

This online converter is multi-lingual, choose the language you prefer. You are welcome to convert email to DOC free or choose other target formats like PDF, TXT, JPEG or HTML. No advertisements, spam or registration - just comfortable and quick conversion. Try it!

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Buy Total Mail Converter NOW!
(only $49.90)
   Updated Mon, 18 Feb 2019

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