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Total Doc Converter

Convert DOC to PDF And Add A Digital Signature

The ability to add digital signatures to a DOC file is an increasingly common requirement online. Whether it's for finalising contracts or signing off on a particular stage of a project, it's essential to have a verifiable record of agreement tied in to non-editable version of the document in question.

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Word documents by themselves - though great for layout and rough drafts - do not offer this functionality and the days of relying on faxes are very much drawing to a close. If you need to convert DOC files to PDF, and ensure the security of the results, you should really pick up a copy of Total Doc Converter to handle the job quickly and reliably.

Your digital signature won't be modified by third parties but it doesn't restrict access on the view level. Don't worry, we have you covered there as well!

Simply take advantage of Total Doc Converter to password-protect your PDF and you'll be able to have fine-grained access over exactly who is able to see what. You are even able to assign one password for the document owner and another for document viewers.

No additional software is required for signing converted files or editing their style. Everything you need will be taken care of right from within Total Doc Converter.

Total Doc Converter handles a huge range of document file types and uses the same intuitive interface to process them all. If you're looking to convert DOC to PDF and add a digital signature, it's as simple as working through the following steps:

  • Open the program and locate your DOC source files.
  • Select the files you want to convert and select PDF as the output format.
  • Choose Signature from the Document tab options in the popup wizard.
  • Enter your signature settings and press Start.

You're also free to fine-tune the functionality on offer with a full set of access restrictions that can be applied, for example, to decide who is able to print the document and who is merely able to view.

Document level PDF properties such as author, creator, subject and other parameters can also be set within the tool prior to conversion and applied to multiple copies. It's exactly the sort of batch processing functionality that makes Total Doc Converter such a great all-purpose PDF converter.

Take it for a test drive today with our free 30-day trial and start discovering how much time and effort this tool can save you and your team.

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