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Total Doc Converter

Convert DOC to PDF and Add A Page Counter

End-users of DOC files are accustomed to seeing page counters available to help them navigate the document and refer to specific pages. For reasons of practicality, and as a courtesy to your readers, it is extremely useful to be able to see equivalent page counters in your document after converting DOC to PDF.

doc to pdf

Total Doc Converter is specifically designed to handle this requirement along with a huge number of other common conversion scenarios.

It's a fully featured office tool, capable of exporting DOC and DOCX files to various image and text formats. The page counter option is available for all conversion formats that support it and PDF is most certainly one of them.

With Total Doc Converter you are free to add the page counter to the header or footer of the document, or even both if you prefer, using the handy [page] tag. That is in addition to being able to customise a number of further output options such as which number you want to start counting from.

Have a look at an overview of the full range of functionality on offer in the video below. We think you'll be impressed!

Total Doc Converter is built with the ability to handle batch DOC files conversion built in. This is a huge timesaver when it comes to adding page counters in bulk as you can simply define your requirements once and then blast through any number of files at your leisure.

You are also able to edit and define common document level parameters such as the following:

  • File name template
  • Paper format
  • PDF properties
  • Security options (encryption and signature)

All of these parameters are handled via an intuitive wizard-based interface but you can also run the program via the command line if that suits your workflow better.

Total Doc Converter handles both DOC and DOCX files so you are covered across all generations of MS Word documents. It also respects existing folder structures, a feature which can save you a lot of pre- and post conversion reorganising.

Download a completely free 30 day trial version of Total Doc Converter today and start discovering the difference it could make for you and your team!

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