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Convert XLS to SQL In Batch

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XLS is a native table format in Microsoft Excel. It stores data in table sheets, allows calculations between different cell values and provides a lot of other data processing facilities. However, if you need to adjust data stored in XLS for relational database, you will need to convert XLS to SQL. SQL is a handy RDB format supported by lots of specialized software kits. If you need to process big data volumes, it is better to use batch conversion that gives ability to convert many files in one single conversion cycle, making settings one for all converter files. The utility that provides this handy solution is Total Excel Converter.

When processing lots of data, it is essentially important to have simple in use converter that will maximally save your time on repeated actions. For instance, when you convert XLS to SQL in batch, you do not adjust conversion settings separately to each file. Other Total Excel Converter advantages include:

  • Correct data transfer between XLS and SQL: no missing cell values or incorrect data representation

  • Handy user interface: all buttons are on hand, each conversion step automatically enables the next one;

  • Adjustable file name template for keeping all converted files in the right order;

  • Built-in navigation menu and file viewer

  • Quick conversion.

To get SQL copies of your XML files, you just need to do a few simple actions. At first, open the program and navigate through the folders to find required sources. When you choose proper folder, its content is displayed in the file list. Checkmark required files (or folders) and enable XLS SQL converter by pressing SQL button. When the settings menu pops up, you can define location for the future files and set file name template. After pressing ‘Start!' button you will get your files converted.

convert XLS to SQL In Batch

To test Total Excel Converter in action, download its free trial from here.

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   Updated Mon, 12 Apr 2021

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