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Except for lack of interface, Total PDF Converter X is as good and powerful as its desktop counterpart. Whatever kind of documents you are converting with this tool, it is done via command line. This converter has no interface. However, it can be integrated into any application, within which you can convert PDF documents to Text documents.

This converter can be accessed by every user within a local network. If it is on your local service, it can be applied by anyone within the network as a web app via Internet.

Users can convert PDF documents and e-books to Text on a server and enrich it with graphic interface and therefore use this program as a software development kit and develop their own desktop and server applications.

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How to Convert PDF via Command Line

Because this program is installed on servers, you must have a reliable IT connection. Also, you must specify all necessary command line parameters.This server PDF converter is no less powerful than the desktop version. It has the same array of functions and you can either convert a few PDFs alternately or in batch. Server-based conversion is not a complicated procedure. This converter can be used for 30 days without activation. If you wish to continue to use it after the trial period expires, you should buy the activation code.

Green PlusAccess the program console and specify the PDFs, which you have decided to make into Text files. To open the console, do the following: Start > Accessories > Command Prompt in the operation system.

Green PlusFollow the command line syntax:


In this case, <source_file> stands for the PDF file, which you are converting, <destination_file> stands for your target TXT file, and <optional_keys> stands for options and functions applied to the file being converted.

Green PlusConversion settings depend on the target format. Use the settings that apply to TXT format.

Green PlusTo convert PDF to Text via command line, you need to slightly modify the code choosing necessary parts and simply paste the right parts to it.

This server PDF converter is user-oriented. It is built in such a way as to be easy to use for both experienced and novice users.

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Buy Total PDF Converter X NOW!
(only $550.00)
   Updated Mon, 09 May 2022
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