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Total PDF Converter X is a server PDF converter that has no GUI and is used in the webb app mode. Indeed, this is a kind of SDK (software development kit), which can be integrated both in desktop and server applications.

If you have acquired this non-GUI converter, it will help you convert PDF to Unicode text via command line. All features and functions of the program are coded in a simple fashion, so that you can copy them to your application code. This makes the whole thing handy and time-saving. Actually, there are three ways you can use this program in: as a server converter, as a SDK for building your own desktop and server applications and as part of another utility.

This server-based PDF conversion tool is intended for use by groups of users connected to a certain server, on which this program is installed.

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How to Convert PDF to Unicode Text on a Server

This program has the same features and options as the desktop converter and therefore it is operatedalmost in the same way. Besides, users can add their own graphic interfaces to the program. Converting PDF files to Unicode text is very easy:

Green PlusYou should insert respective keys into the following syntax:


Green PlusEach target format implies a certain array of options, and Unicode text is no exception.

Green PlusThis converter also has a batch function. It allows you to manage files in large groups. Just select the respective option.

Considering the product's versatility and functionality, this is the best tool to enhance your applications with by integrating it into any application you have and therefore convert PDF files to Unicode text from within it.

It is possible for you to register any time. Before registering, you can use the 30-day free version and convert PDF via command line. Thus you can make your own opinion about the program and see if it is worth buying.

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Buy Total PDF Converter X NOW!
(only $550.00)
   Updated Mon, 12 Apr 2021
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