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Total Outlook Converter vs Total Outlook Converter Pro

Find out what amazing options offers the Pro version. Process attachments, tune the appearance, insert your logo, get powerful filtering options - all done in Total Outlook Converter Pro.


Outlook Converter

Outlook Converter Pro

Convert email bodies


Save attachments

In their original file types.

Convert attachments*

Insert attachments as clickable links or embed them into the output file.

Find the right emails

Process only emails from a certain sender/recipient or with a key word in the subject or body.

Tune the appearance

Set the fonts, colors, margins or add your logo to comply with your office or court standards.

Get accurate reports

Fact files on your emails with the fields you select.

* It's far more convenient to keep both emails and all attached files in one file type. Or even in one PDF file. Our competitors state that they 'process attachments'. However, they just leave them untouched. The reason is that attachments may have numerous file types. Word, PDF, TXT, XLS, HTML files, drawings, images, contacts, or other emails. You have to use a very powerful engine to support all these files. Here at Coolutils we have been developing file converters since 2003, so Total Outloo Convetrer Pro converts over 215 file types. That's why we guarantee that we indeed convert your emails and attachments in the most accurate way.


Customer Reviews

Phil Edmunds Service Support Engineer, Car.com

"This is a terrific piece of software. It saved our company days worth of work hours that we would have had to spend to move thousands of documents we had stored in Outlook to a network directory. The one thing that could have made it even better would have been if it could open the public folders directly. I had to export the contents of the public folder to a .pst first before converting the emails and attachments to .pdf files."

Lanny Black Home user

"What I'm trying to accomplish is some archiving, recovery, and migration. I'm trying to do all of this for my wife's 2016 MS Outlook account. She has hundreds & hundreds of emails that she has had in folders since 2014. But as usual, during a Windows update last year everything got messed up. So I have been able to recover all of the emails and save them as PDF files with attachments."

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